Sunday, May 17, 2009

Peru Mount Hope Update

Nearly 2 weeks ago I was contactly by Beverly Jeffers, sexton of Peru Mount Hope Cemetery, with an offer of information for the website. Since Ed and I have a passion for cemetery information and honoring & remembering those who have gone before us, we were happy to have this opportunity.

The next day, we drove to Peru to meet Bev and see what was available. We had our trusty digital camera and fresh batteries ready. We started taking digital photos of the burial books. Bev showed us some of the areas on the cemetery map including the original plat, Oak Grove, baby rows and sections, Potters Field and a Jewish area. There is also a circus area as Peru has a rich history of circuses and performers. This will allowed for a bit more detail in the mapping on the site in the future.

In the past two weeks we have taken 4 trips to take digital photos of the burial books and a collection of obituaries and burial cards from about 2002 to the present. All of this information will be added to the site as time allows. I also have 3000 tombstone photos taken by Regine Brindle waiting to be matched. I believe that having the data in the database will be very helpful to matching photos of the very old and worn stones in the original and Oak Grove areas.

Watch for frequent updates.

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  1. That is AWESOME news!
    Thanks Beverly for making this possible!
    I have over 800 pictures that are unreadable... even with the help of DeReese Clark's 1950s reading, there are too many that remain blank because time has eroded the stone. Maybe now we can also add my husband's Adeline Cattin that you so kindly pointed to a year or so ago. Her grave side is either unreadable or unmarked and now she will have a place again.
    Thank You also to Deb and her hubby for adding the missing.