Sunday, April 5, 2009

Disenfranchised Ancestors?

Most of us likely have some disenfranchised ancestors. These are people who may not have been accepted into the mainstream of society or even were not accepted my their own relatives. Awhile back I learned that a great-granduncle had a daughter who was termed an "imbecile." According to my aunt, she was secreted away in a padded room upstairs in the family home. I find no record of her existance. When she died there was no known written death record. There was no obituary in the local newspaper. Although the woman had no decendants, she still had a place and purpose on this earth.

In the spirit of giving each soul importance on this earth, I have been compiling with the help of Mark Brubaker a couple of small databases.

It is my hope that these databases will help someone break through their brick wall. Debby

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