Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Ethnicity

I saw this August 8, 2009 post on Cheryl Fleming Palmer's Blog "Heritage Happens." It was about ethnicity and calculating ones ethnicity by looking at your 8 great grandparents' ethnicity and giving each a value of 12.5%. This works with relative newcomers to the USA, however, 7 of my 8 great grandparents were born in Indiana.

  • 3 - Howard County
  • 1 - Miami County
  • 1 - Clinton County
  • 1 - Pike County
  • 1 - Daviess County
  • 1 Bas-Rhin, France

So, that would mean I have 12.5% French

Aside from that French line, the next generation back, great-great grandparents were born -

  • Indiana - 7
  • Virginia - 4
  • Ohio - 2
  • North Carolina - 1

So no new ethnicity to add in that generation.

The next generation is no better in revealing ethnicity. (3rd great grandparents)

  • Virginia - 10
  • Pennsylvania - 6
  • Kentucky - 5
  • North Carolina - 4
  • Indiana - 1
  • unknown (US) 1
  • Tennessee - 1
  • Maryland - 1
The previous generation (4th great grandparents) reveal some German, Swiss, a Scot and an Irish. I still have many things to discover about many of these ancestors and find the immigrant and document it. Although this little experiment did not give me the results I was hoping for, it did reveal some areas I need to work on.

What is your ethnicity? Try this and learn or be satisfied that you are an American of the Heinz 57 variety.

Happy hunting! Debby

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I uploaded over 300 new entries to the Peru Mount Hope site last week. I continue to work on adding from the burial books. The recent additions are burials from Section D and most are not later than the 1920's. Most are pre-1900.


My silence

This has become a difficult summer for me. I became the economic cut-back in Kokomo-Howard County Public Library's Genealogy & Local History Department. I learned this on July 16th. I have shed many tears, as I loved this job and being emersed in genealogy & local history and working with the wonderful folks who call themselves genealogists and historians.

I do count myself among the fortunate people who have been able to find a job doing something we love. I miss it terribly, but I know whatever happens, God is with me.