Saturday, March 3, 2012

I'm not sure I am meant to be a blogger

   I'm not sure I am meant to be a blogger, although I think it is a great idea, it is just not something I think about doing.  On the other hand, I am passionate about putting cemetery information out there to help you with your research in Cass, Miami and Howard Counties.  I work on something cemetery related nearly every day.  I just don't talk (or) write about it much.  I realized a couple of days ago that this blog may be giving some of you the wrong idea about what I am doing.  This happened when I got an email update from a wonderful sexton who had heard a rumor that I was no longer updating the cemetery sites.  This is so not true.  There is so much going on behind the scenes that you may not see happening.
  With 117 cemeteries in the database, plus a few others that have not been migrated over, this project is very time consuming.  Ed Beheler, John C. Anderson and Tom Quinn also manage cemeteries that are not included in my database.  I love that I have sextons who will send me updates on a regular basis in easily managed amounts.  It makes what I do so much easier.  One thing that I am guilty of, is updating it on my computer, but not generating new files to upload, so that you can see the updates.  I am going to really work on that as I have time.  I have already been making my list of those that need to be checked and then uploaded to the websites. 

My current big project is Greenlawn Cemetery at Mexico, Miami County, Indiana.  I am hoping to get up there to photograph headstones when it warms up and the grass turns green.  I am not fond of cemetery photos taken with the bleak colors of winter, nor do I enjoy freezing to death.

Please try not to complain too much, unless you are willing to devote the hours to something like this.  It is hard to walk in another's shoes. 

Stay out of my databases!
Blessings to all, Debby

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